Harold King

I was born in 1982 and grew up in Round Rock, TX. As a young child I spent my time memorizing Raffi tapes, drawing monsters, and creating original Lego designs. Mom always encouraged me to study music, but as a child I was too content to care. Being heavily influenced by mainstream culture and older siblings, I discover music on my own terms during adolescents. After seeing Pearl Jam perform on Saturday Night Live I begged for an electric guitar.

Memorizing other people’s work wasn’t my thing, so I taught myself to play and sing by writing songs. In high school I spent course electives on studio art, theater, and part-time jobs, and by seventeen I was fronting a band, playing in clubs, and selling recordings from my car. My free time was spent booking, promoting, and practicing, and the basic elements of my studio were coming together. Music was going to be my life.

After a year of private music lessons I was admitted into The Butler School of Music at The University of Texas, where I studied music theory, composition, piano, voice, and guitar. As influential as that experience was, the classical world just wasn’t for me. I accepted an internship at The Texas Music Office in hopes of starting my career in commercial music, and began teaching guitar and piano around town. By the time I graduated I was headlining shows with my second band, producing records, and releasing albums on my own label. In order to make it in the new market I taught myself how to build computers and code.

I spent the next few years pushing my music and collaborating on lots of cool projects. I booked and ran sound in clubs, started a short-lived annual festival known as MXSX, and went on a short tour. My DIY tech experience led me to a day-job as a Systems Administrator, which allowed me to go back to school for an associates degree in Music, Business, Performance, & Technology from Austin Community College. I’m currently interning at Orb Studios as an assistant to the House Engineer, and I plan on graduating in May.

I’m very excited to be in my current position. I have big plans and loads of projects on the table, including multiple recording projects and a business plan for a studio space. There is certainly more to come and I look forward to what the future holds. Wish me luck!

–HK 11/20/13.