Internship at Orb Studios

Orb Studios Mockup

Orb Studios Mockup

I recently found out that a brand new studio is opening up in town where a very prolific and long-time friend of mine Kevin Butler will be House Engineer. Kevin and I met in high school when we were still playing shows at “The Duck Pond”. Back then we just wanted to make music happen any way, anywhere, but we’re both thankfully doing a lot better now!

Kevin went on to receive a degree from Full Sail and immediately opened his own studio, Test Tube Audio. Kevin also plays guitar in the up-and-coming group Black Books with his original bandmates. Congrats to him for all his success.

In order to graduate from the ACC Music Business Performance Technology program I needed an internship. The stars aligned and Kevin was kind enough to make it happen for me. Really stoked to be helping out however possible at Orb Recording Studios this spring!


Update: Click here to see pictures of the day we moved in a 40-channel SSL!